"Nothing is worth it unless it swallows you whole."

- Goodtime boys
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The significance of a place…

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This is too raw

Whoever makes these is not even in the general area of fucking around

These are actually quite true in everyday possible to me.

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How many of you are deeply married to the idea of subculture? How many? And nobody gives a shit right? Here’s what I say: better a child should die than live bereft of subculture. It is simultaneously the greatest gift you can give someone cause they then understand. They get world on a different level, you know? Have you ever raved? I’ve never raved either but I fucking get it, you know why? Because I understand subculture cause I was fucking in one for so fucking long and that’s the point. It’s a social logical thing, you get something out of it. It’s like sending your kid to college. Does it get anything at college? No. It gets high at college, but it also gets a broader idea of the world and that’s what subculture does for you. Granted, when you have to enter the real world and make money you have these weird sort of hang ups in your life, these barriers, because subculture put it in your head that doing the stupidest lamest thing is not cool and the world wants to to do the stupidest lamest thing to make money. So it is an impediment to your cash flow but it is good for you spiritually. Give the gift of subculture. When your friend listens to Lady Gaga, pass no judgement, just kick the CD out the fucking window and give them something valid.

- Patrick Kindlon, Self Defense Family (End of a Year)

Amen to that!

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i thought of you, while in the shower

and i thought of how nice it’d be

to have your things among my things

along the bathtub’s edge

and i imagined myself running out of soap

and using yours

and wearing you to work, and the grocery store

and i imagined that night, laying down beside you

and smelling your neck

and finding out where all my soap had gone

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